What I've been up to! / by Ricardo Seah

A blog post to answer the question:

What's been going on and where are you?! 

Hey everyone! I haven't been as active on the blog as I'd like to be and I have a bunch of excuses but heck no ones really interested in those so here's an update on what has been going on since my last post!

  • I was part of a local photography exhibition here in Vancouver 

A big big thank you to everyone who came out to support me!!! You guys and gals mean a lot to me and really motivate me to keep raising the bar with my photography!

TBH I kinda wish there were more pics of the exhibition but the only other one I could find is on my friend Joan's Instagram. 

There are some prints from the exhibition that are still available for sale so if you'd like a beautiful piece of my work to adorn your home or work place, or if you know of anyone that might be interested, please check out the "Products" section of my website where you'll be able to purchase prints and help me continue doing what I love!

  • I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the Move UBC Campaign

Move UBC was a great campaign that encouraged people (including myself) to get off their butts and move! It was tiring but definitely a fun campaign to shoot and worth spreading the message of being a bit more active in our daily lives. Plus I got to work with some cool friends on the shoot which was pretty awesome.

  • I went to Europe for the first time ever

I had always wanted to go to Europe and this was a dream come true for me. You see my younger sister went to Europe with her school when she was younger and my parents have both been to Europe (and even skyped me while they were there saying: "You should be here to take photos!! its so beautiful!" while I was in university having final exams... C'mon who does that) so naturally being the photographer in the family I was like TAKE ME TO EUROPE!!!! 

So this year my parents finally gave in and off to Europe we went! We visited Spain and France. It was a tiring but awesome trip though I wish it was longer. In 10 days we went from Barcelona to Valencia to Madrid to Paris to Toulouse and back to Barcelona before heading back to Vancouver. I think I'll be making a more detailed blog post of the trip and my recommendations (really depends if you guys want it or not). 

For now I just want to say a big thank you to my parents for their love, an awesome trip, great views and yummy tapas! 

ps. more photos on my instagram account

  • I got the chance to photograph a Dog Meet up at UBC which was crazy fun and adorable

A day after getting back from Europe and still being a little jet-lagged I shot this awesome event, the "UBC Doggo Meetup" for the UBC Arts & Culture district. There were so many dogs and puppies and even more dog lovers around. The atmosphere was amazing and full of energy with dogs running around... people running after the dogs running around... dogs licking peoples faces... It was just great! 

  • I've been leading guided Photowalks with "Vancouver Photowalks"

So Ive recently joined Vancouver Photowalks as their newest and only male photo-guide and its been pretty awesome, there's even a blogpost of me joining the team which might be a fun read. I'm sure Ive tried to explain what I do as a photo guide to some of you already but long story short, I give guided photo-walks of different locations in Vancouver and teach people how to use their camera and improve their photography. It's been crazy fun and great to work with the team and meet new people from all over the world who come on the photowalks to better their photography. What's even more crazy is that since I started giving photowalks in February I've already gotten like 5 Five Star Trip Advisor reviews which is pretty sweet :)

  • Feeling lost and it's ok

Recently I've been feeling just a little bit lost. There have been a ton of things on my mind like having to move out and find a new place..  having to find a more stable full-time job.. having to pay the bills and so on.. But you know what it's ok. I know it's just part of life and we gotta face the challenges infront of us. I know things will fall into place and I just need to remember to breathe and keep going at it. So I'd like to end this blogpost in the words of Bob Marley "Don't worry bout a thing, cuz every little thing's gonna be alright" :)

Till next time, take care and keep shooting!